The secret sauce

I argue that the most important component for observability in a microservices/distributed architecture is error reporting.

Look ma, kubernetes objects

I suggest that we should use kubernetes to provision infrastructure so that we can build a platform that fixes itself when there are problems and we can spend the idle time on an island.

Complementing Python With Rust

I show how we can offload performance critical parts of a Python codebase to use Rust. Rust is a fast systems language with performance close to C.

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Standup's are not cool

So I find it strange that we start with the principle of self-organizing teams and then conclude — standup’s at 9! How does open-source work if standup’s are how development should be done?

Python: concurrent.futures

I had been wanting to try some new features of Python 3 for a while now. I recently found some free time and tried concurrent.futures. Concurrent.futures allows us to write code that runs in parallel in Python without resorting to creating threads or forking processes.

First look at golang

I spent the weekend playing with Go. Specifically, I built a simple HTTP static file server. I have some first impressions.

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Nodejs vs Django

We have been using both Django and Nodejs at WWStay. We use Django for the customer dashboard and Nodejs for the web application that aggregates different hotel rates from various vendors. Based on my experiences, I have a checklist that I use to determine what framework to use.

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Weapons of choice

Last month, I worked on a Nodejs project in my freetime. It is a community driven listing of events in a city. The idea was to answer the question — what is happening in city X? I have a few takeaways from that exercise that I think maybe interesting.